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The great thing about domino maps is that there are no right or wrong ways to play.

Let the kids dump 'em and their imaginations will do the rest!

Stack 'em. Knock 'em.

This is boring....said no kid ever!

Domino maps have so many benefits. From improving concentration and patience to developing fine motor skills and problem solving skills.

They're great as an individual activity or to encourage teamwork.
Simply pop the dominoes on the pre-marked map and then knock 'em down.

Guaranteed hours of fun.

Sort 'em

Our dominoes come in a variety of colors. Mix them up to make fun and vibrant, multi-colored patterns, or let the kids sort them into their favorite color combo's to keep the creativity flowing.

Freestyle 'em

There really is no right or wrong way to play with dominoes and once you have your set, the imaginative play is endless. Dominoes don't stop with the map, kids love to sort them into color groups, stack them into towers or make castles and roads....the possibilities are endless.

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We love to see our product in happy little hands.

Children playing on the floor with spiral domino map
Child placing wooden dominoes on a domino map.
Little boy placing wooden domino toy on a loop patterned mini domino map.

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